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Erase Your Mineral Deficiency and

 Supercharge Your Daily Energy plus Boost Your Immune Function Like You Were Years Younger...

This Simple Solution Works Regardless of Age Because It Targets and FIXES a Deficiency Affecting Up To 75% of the US Population

Here is what you can expect with the BRAND NEW Pharm Origins Core...
  • 100% RDA of Vitamin D and Magnesium
  •  Powder Delivery for 99% Absorption
  • Great Taste
  • All Natural Energy ingredients
  • ​Packed with Complete Protein for Bones and Muscles
  • ​Plus Pine Pollen, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Green Tea
Pharm Origins CORE is 100% Free for Pharm Origins Customers. 
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This Single Health Change Saved My Life...

My name is Clint Winters, and I am the founder of Pharm Origins.

What I am about to share today has the REAL and TRUE ability to change your life forever.

I know this because this is EXACTLY what it did for me.

Today, my energy is limitless, my body is healthy inside and out… heck, I rarely go to the doctor.
Others my age are drowning in health issues and I legitimately feel like I am getting younger and healthier with each passing year. 

Plus, every supplement I take has a profound effect, like I have “primed” my body to use these additional nutrients.

As you will learn, this is EXACTLY what I have been able to accomplish.

I have “woken up” over 300 biological functions that will NOW remain fully engaged until the day that I pass away.

I am now getting the most out of my life, and I am not alone.

This Simple Solution Will Work For You Too...

In Fact, It Could Change Your Life Forever TOO!
I need to be clear here… I am not special.

What I have learned today, anybody can utilize, and it will have a 100% success rate.

I venture to say that every person reading this page can leverage this information to boost their health forever.

And that statement comes from pure clinical science that I will be sharing in a moment.

So, think about this for a moment…

How different and BETTER would your life be if…
  • You woke up everyday with LIMITLESS energy
  • Your vital signs were FAR improved
  • You could cut down on prescriptions if not STOP them all together
  • ​You got sick FAR less and were able to be FAR more active.
  • ​You walked around with boosted immunity, even against the world’s most dangerous disease.
  • You woke up everyday with LIMITLESS energy
  • Your vital signs were FAR improved
  • You could cut down on prescriptions if not STOP them all together
  • ​You got sick FAR less and were able to be FAR more active.
  • ​You walked around with boosted immunity, even against the world’s most dangerous disease.
And as a BONUS, imagine every supplement you currently take being MORE effective because your body is better able to utilize the nutrient influx it is receiving.

Would your life be different? YES! Your life would be permanently different and FAR IMPROVED forever. 

And again, this is NOT hit or miss; this is something every waking human needs, and the NEED never goes away.
Whether we are 1 or 100, we need the SAME thing, yet over 95% of us neglect it.

But, that also means that 95% of us have a CHANCE to feel better forever.

And that is EXACTLY what I am going to reveal today. 
Today, I am the Picture of Health...
But first, why listen to me?  

First of all,  I am not not a doctor, I did not go to medical school.

I got into this health field because I had to CHANGE and SAVE my life.

I studied the the average life span of every country around the world, and I discovered the real reason why we are suffering as a population.
But here is the happy ending. 

Today, I have OVERCOME every one of my health issues.

I am bigger, stronger and healthier than ever.  

My male hormones are optimized even though many my age are feeling huge declines.

My health has brought me a successful company where I reach millions and fueled a successful film and TV career.
None of this would have happened if I was out of shape; none of it would have happened without the information on this page. 

However, to appreciate the comeback, you need to understand how far I was down. 

Just a Few Years Ago I was a Heart Attack Waiting to Happen...

I was not always what you see today.  

In fact, I was on the verge of chronic illness, and it was 100% self-inflicted.
Through my own self-neglect I gained well over 100 pounds and was in the worst shape of my life.

To be honest, I stopped looking in a mirror, so I had no idea how big I had actually gotten.

The damage did not stop visually; I was crushing my body inside.

My blood pressure and blood sugar were through the roof, and my Doctor was very concerned I was on the verge of full-blown Type 2 Diabetes.
He said I had done forty years worth of damage in just three years, and if I went another three…. Well, I probably wouldn’t be writing this article.

I had stressed my body to the breaking point, and I was so very close to a stroke or a heart attack. I felt like a total failure. 

YET, I did come back from the basement of despair and I did turn my life around, but it was NOT at all easy.

I am ashamed...

I am ashamed to admit this, but I really think it is important that I tell the truth here.

I wish I could say that I got this life threatening information and just flipped a switch.

I wish I could say my journey to success started the next day, BUT I CAN’T.

Months of  failure after failure followed.  My bad habits and cravings took complete control.
It is almost like I was addicted to drugs when I wasn't.

I would diet for a few days or sometimes a couple of weeks and then boom: self destruction. I would start stuffing my face again.

I didn't have the  ENERGY to get healthy.

And supplements weren’t helping.

I tried every weight loss/energy concoction in the world. 

I bought more bottles of vitamin pills than I care to admit, and all of them did exactly NOTHING.

I was also low and always CRAVING even though I knew I needed to fix myself.

I knew that if I didn’t turn it around, my life was going to end early.

And I was going to lose everything that I loved.

So, in a moment of desperation, I simply started reading.

I wanted to hear stories from people in other countries who felt the same way as I did. Did they experience the same problems I did?

Not really. Then I looked into the diets of the Japanese, the Chinese, and other long living countries like people from Sardinia and many of the Mediterranean countries. 

What I learned NEXT shocked me to the very core. 

As it turns out, I’m NOT a failure and YOU aren’t either. I was simply playing a RIGGED game.

But, There is a SIMPLE Solution, Keep Reading...

Here is a Shocking American Truth That May Be Killing You...
This is the health fact that changed my life and it is SO simple it is frustrating.  

Here it is...

As Americans, we are CHRONICALLY deficient in one key nutrient that powers our entire body.

This one nutrient is responsible for over 600 biological functions, our body is LOST without it.

In my research, I realized that many of the longest living countries do NOT have this deficiency, and I will tell you why in just a minute.

Without it, nothing about our biology runs correctly and most of our positive efforts are reversed.

Past that, this deficiency hurts our ability to absorb other nutrients, so our ENTIRE body suffers, no matter what we are supplementing.

This means we are set up for failure; no matter how hard we work, our body is working against us.

So, what is this all important nutrient?  
The key nutrient I am talking about is The “Miracle Mineral” magnesium--and not just any magnesium--I will tell you the best one in a minute.

Now, here is why we are up to 80% deficient as a nation. 

Did you know that most of the magnesium is found in green leafy vegetables?

Did you also know that our soil here in America is woefully deficient in magnesium?

Our American topsoil is not what it used to be which means crops are more and more deficient. If the crops are deficient, that means we are deficient.

Plus, the rise of GMO’s have crushed our nutrient levels even further, so the magnesium simply cannot survive the chemicals. 

So millions of Americans try to live healthy by eating greens on a daily basis, only to REMAIN nutrient deficient.

According to Healthline, one study suggests that up to 75% of us here in America are NOT meeting our recommended intake

The American consumer is in the dark about something that is LITERALLY killing them daily.

And that is the COLD, HARD FACT I need you to absorb; this is NOT just about health.

This is about life and death. These deficiencies are tied DIRECTLY to death. 

After all, that is why hospitals give you essential minerals like MAGNESIUM in your IV before anything else; we need them to thrive and survive.

There is one other HUGE deficiency we are experiencing as well

Lack of Sunshine and Vitamin D3 is Killing Americans
We have all heard about Vitamin D- also known as the "Sunshine Vitamin"

That's because , at one time, it was easy to get the powerful health benefits of this nutrient just by sitting out in the sun or going to the beach

Unfortunately, that is not the case anymore. 

The medical establishment been telling us that lying out in the sun is bad so we are all avoiding the sun and losing its benefits.  The deficiency can get even worse if you live in a colder climate and cannot venture outdoors as often.

It is especially bad for Eastern Europeans, Latin America and African American people who have a much higher deficiency that people with lighter skin.

Here are the fatal statistics- Vitamin D deficiency is a major global public health issue. About 1 billion people worldwide have vitamin D deficiency, while 50% of the population has vitamin D insufficiency 
( meaning not enough to protect you)

The prevalence of patients with vitamin D deficiency is highest in the elderly, the obese patients, nursing home residents, and hospitalized patients.

Your body naturally produces Vitamin D when it is exposed to the sunlight. The problem is that you would have to be out on a golf course on a sunny summer day for 4 straight hours and you still would not get enough Vitamin D. 

So who can do that?

And that is not to mention certain climates barely see the sun at all--so what do they do?

Well, luckily, you can also get Vitamin D  through certain foods and supplements.
Of course, we then run into another problem: most food has had the Vitamin D destroyed and most of the store bought supplements do not have the right absorbable form of Vitamin D3 to do any good.

If you spend your life deficient in Vitamin D3, you not only live without energy, but you are at a HUGE risk that your body will not be able to fight off toxic invaders that can destroy your health

By correcting your Vitamin D deficiency, you could look forward to:

1. Maintaining a Healthy Respiratory System

2. Neutralizing Neurological Concerns and Boosting Mood

3. Maintaining Essential Immune Function

4. Promoting Strong Bones and Muscle Function

5. Fight Inflamation and Ease Joint Discomfort

6. Fight Flus and Colds

7. Protect against High Blood Pressure

8. Maintain Healthy Blood Sugar Levels

I experienced this deficiency first hand when I saw my health declining.

Here are just two staggering reports when it comes to increased health risk due to the lack of these crucial nutrients.
Remember, this is why the hospital gives you fluids full of vitamins and minerals when you enter the hospital.

Just fixing that deficiency in a short term makes all of their treatments more effective.

But here is the very compelling part… One of the greatest minds in world history ALSO saw this link and decided to expose the truth. 
A Two Time Nobel Prize Winner Tried to Expose This… And it Almost Killed Him
Here is the crazy part... 

This issue was first discovered by the ONLY two time Nobel Prize winner in history.

He made a brilliant, yet startling conclusion. 

The root of all disease is nutrient deficiency.

When you are efficient in the key nutrients your body needs (i.e.,  Magnesium and Vitamin D3) the human immune system is very powerful.
In fact, he believed he had found a way to limit disease across the human race.

So, in 1973 he expanded his research 10 fold.

His name is Dr. Linus Pauling, and he went on to found the Linus Pauling Institute on the campus of Oregon State.

However, he made ONE huge enemy during the investigative research - Big GMO Companies

You see, in 1973 the science of GMO’s made huge progress as well and companies were making more and more money.... billions.
As we NOW know, they were doing it at the expense of food health...

Dr. Pauling knew this was an issue and KNEW exposing the issue would save millions. But that it would be highly controversial

And he lost nearly everything for it. 

Over the next decade he endured a full onslaught of reputational attacks calling him a "quack".

All of which was funded by Big Chemical and Big Pharma.

The Linus Pauling Institute nearly shuttered, but it survived, and so did his research.

What he found was indisputable… this information is life changing if used properly.

Now, Some of His Research is Being Made Public...

Here is Some of What He Found...
Please realize these are just a few of the HUGE amounts of data available on this subject.

In fact, thanks to Linus Pauling, nutrient deficiencies have been heavily studied since the 70s.

Yet, most of the results are not well known.
The research is CRYSTAL CLEAR: Americans are chronically deficient in magnesium and Vitamin D3, and it is taking lives.

This is the SINGLE EASIEST thing you can do to TRANSFORM your life, forever.

Your Core nutrients are your foundation. If your foundation is strong, you can build a healthy body and a healthy mind.

Here is what you need to do to feel the BEST you possibly can.
Just When You Discover the Answer...
There is ONE last piece to this puzzle that is very, very important.

It is the reason why running to Walmart to buy magnesium and Vitamin D pills won’t work.

However, with this final piece of knowledge, you can conquer your nutrient deficiencies forever.

As you are ABOUT to learn, it all comes down to nutrient bioavailability.
The Vitamin “Pill” Scam...
Point blank, store bought vitamins and mineral pills are woefully deficient in the right kinds of Vitamin D and Magnesium. Most of them simply do not work. 

I learned this the hard way. 

And here is why.. Pills and pressed capsules do not fully absorb into the body.

In fact, due to our digestive and stomach breakdown process, only 20% (if not) will actually make it into your system.
So, that means you need to take 5 times the recommended dosage, or you live your life deficient.

Unfortunately, most of us live with this deficiency, even though we THINK we are on top of it.

Billions of dollars of these pills are sold each year, and the average consumer is none the wiser.

Do You Know Where Your Vitamins Come From?

Past bioavailability there is one last scary truth I need to make: do you know where your current vitamins come from?

You may have bought them from a store, but where were they actually made?

Over 70% of the vitamins sold in the United States are made in overseas factories with FAR less stringent quality standards.

Many struggle with poor cleanliness, which is why trace amounts of pollutants and feces show up during nutrient analysis.

Past all of that, how long ago were they manufactured?

As you probably heard, it was found that many supplements sold on Amazon were actually expired.

That is because they sit on warehouse shelves for months or years before being sold.

Every day they are becoming weaker and weaker, if not worse.

These questions may be scary, but they are very legitimate concerns that most customers face on a daily basis...

That is exactly what happened to me…

Once I learned of this American issue, I did what most do.. 

I went and bought magnesium and Vitamin D from the store, although it didn’t help.

I didn’t fully understand WHY until I learned more about nutrient bioavailability.

This is why I ONLY consume raw powders and sublinguals.

Once I made that switch, all of this NEW knowledge came together.

My health was NEVER the same again.
My Life is NOW Changed and Better Forever...
The thoughts on THIS page may seem simple, but they make ALL of the difference.

From that moment until today I do the same thing.

I source and consume the purest magnesium and Vitamin D3 in raw powder format.
Over 90% of it absorbs right into my bloodstream, and I have even developed a way to make it taste great.

Best of all, I have thrown out any other store bought nutrient product; it is simply not needed.

And this turnaround has led to the best health of my life. I have never looked and felt younger than I do right now.
My days are full of energy, and I seem to look younger and younger.

Best of all, my latest nutraceutical innovations work better on my body than others because these deficiencies are covered.

Best of all, this change is simple and only took seconds per day.
Imagine being ONE SIMPLE change away from the best health of your life.
Imagine This for One Moment...
How great would it feel to finally turn your health around?

How great would it feel to FINALLY have energy throughout the day and sleep through the night?

The fact is, simple nutrient deficiencies can hinder all of these important processes.
And once you eliminate your magnesium deficiency, you may notice 600 biological processes firing on all cylinders. 
Plus once your Vitamin D3 is at healthy levels, another 100 body processes starts to fire again on all cylinders.

Your immunity will skyrocket and every other regimen you begin will simply work better.

This is the VERY FOUNDATION that you will build your new life.

You will need this for every remaining day on earth.
Best of all, success is within your grasp. This is a human need and once you meet that need, you will feel fantastic.

I am not special, and the thousands of others I have helped are not special; we are just fulfilling a human need.

And I could only do that by learning from the best medical minds in the world.

What you are ABOUT to read next is based off of ALL of this information.
Pharm Origins CORE Is the Net Result of YEARS of Experience...
For those that are close to me, I have been touting this knowledge for years.

But over the past year, realized there was a huge natural hurdle.

Most people, outside of the nutraceutical industry have no idea how to source raw nutrients.

Plus most people really have no idea what to look for. Well that is where I come into the picture. Your research has been "DONE FOR YOU"
And THAT is Why I Created 
My CORE  Formulation...
I wanted to take the guesswork out of this ALL IMPORTANT solution.

Myself and my company did ALL of the heavy lifting, so all you have to do is take it on a daily basis. 

Pharm Origins CORE is a powerful, raw nutrient blend that is immediately ABSORBED to help reverse critical deficiencies.

The raw powder delivery allows your body to process and absorb in minutes with over 90% making it to your body.

Here is how we created this EXCEPTIONAL formula.
Firstly We Sourced the Purest Nutrients in the World…
As you now know, all nutrient powders are NOT created equal.
Many on store shelves come from very low quality and possibly even tainted supply sources.

Many of these sources originate overseas and are never retested when they hit American soil.

At a minimum they are not as effective, and at a maximum they are down right dangerous.

Pharm Origins CORE only includes the purest nutrients, including…
  • Magnesium Gluconate Powder for Absorbability
  • Pure Vitamin D3, the strongest form of Vitamin D
  • Magnesium Gluconate Powder for Absorbability
  • Pure Vitamin D3, the strongest form of Vitamin D
Additionally, we have added in pure Pine Pollen powder since it is a complete protein plus Green Tea high is EGCG, which is a natural antioxident to fight off toxic invaders plus Vitamins C and A for even more immune support

Here is a look at what each nutrient does:
Pine Pollen: A complete protein, and all natural at that. Pine pollen has been clinically studied to fight fatigue, reverse the effects of aging, and boost your immune system. It contains carbohydrates, proteins, fatty acids, vitamins B and E, and so much more.
Magnesium Gluconate: This is the purest and strongest form of magnesium available on the natural health market and according to the National Institute for health (NIH) government agency, it responsible for over 600 biological functions.  It helps to create energy, helps form new proteins from amino acids, promotes normal blood sugar, maintains healthy blood pressure, and fights inflammation.
Vitamin C: One of the most essential of all the vitamins. It is crucial for boosting your immune system to more easily fight common diseases. It may even reduce the chances of having strokes. Plus an antioxidant, it helps fight off cellular diseases, and is critically important for many functions in the human body and immune system.
Green Tea: Green Tea is rich in polyphenols, which are natural compounds that have health benefits, such as reducing inflammation and helping to fight cancer.

Green tea contains a catechin called epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), a natural antioxidant that helps prevent cell damage and provide other benefits.

These substances can reduce the formation of free radicals in the body, protecting cells and molecules from damage. These free radicals play a role in aging and many types of diseases.
Vitamin D3: About 1 billion people worldwide have vitamin D deficiency, while 50% of the population has vitamin D insufficiency ( meaning not enough to protect you). 

Vitamin D fights against the flu, heart problems, and is critically important for healthy, joints, muscles, bones and even brain and heart health. It also is important for health weight maintenance. 

Deficiency in this vitamin can cause fatigue, hair loss, muscle pain, and bigger susceptibility to sickness. Even researchers from the U.S. National Institutes of Health agree that your body really needs the essential form of vitamin D called calciferol.
Vitamin A: Crucial for a strong immune system. This vitamin helps the production and function of white blood cells, which is what eliminates bacteria and other dangerous pathogens from the blood stream. And like the other ingredients, it plays an important role in preventing cellular diseases from forming, acting as an anti-inflammatory.
This Blend is Designed to Reverse Your Deficiencies While Making you Feel Great Day in and Day out.
Then, We Added a DELICIOUS Natural Flavor...
Pomegranate has the perfect flavor notes to make CORE not only extra delicious, but more nutritious, too.

We’ve held fast to one of our core principles: to only use 100% active ingredients in all out formulations.
That’s why we chose pomegranate… it has countless health benefits that perfectly compliment the effects of CORE.
Pomegranate is packed with Vitamin C and Vitamin K, which strengthen the immune system and fortify your blood for better defense against infections after getting wounded.
It’s also an anti-inflammatory, which means that it can fight heart problems, overweight, and forgetfulness.
It even is great for healthy blood pressure and joint mobility
After discovering these incredible benefits, and tasting the pomegranate for ourselves, we knew it was the perfect addition to CORE, made by hand in the United States.
Every Container Made On-Demand in the United States
Pharm Origins is Proudly American, Maintaining 100% of Operations in Our Atlanta, GA Facility
Often when you purchase supplements from large websites or big manufacturers, the product you receive has been sitting on shelves in dirty warehouses for months, sometimes even years.
It’s more economical for health companies to send you old product.
But at Pharm Origins, we commit to never bowing to these unethical practices.
When you take CORE, or any other Pharm Origins product, you can rest assured that the unit was made by hand within a week or two of your order.
This guarantees the freshest, most potent containers of nutrients.
All of our manufacturing staff are GMP Certified, and they all work in our FDA Registered facility. Everything is done under one roof right here in the United States.
We are proud to be supporting the American economy with our practices, while also giving you the greatest quality product possible.

It's Powerful, It's Fresh and It is Simple

Each Dose Can Be Easily Taken in Seconds...
Just because it’s not in a pill doesn’t mean it’s hard to take.
In fact, it’s so easy to take, and it’s so much more effective in a powder form than pill form that you’d be crazy to want to use pills ever again.
Each container of CORE comes with a half gram scoop in the powder. Follow the dosage instructions on the label and put the appropriate number of scoops in a glass of liquid, such as water or juice.
Stir it up until it has mostly dissolved, then drink up!
It won’t be long before you start to feel the effects…
Here Are the Benefits to Erasing These Deficiencies  & What You Could Expect…
With every ingredient in CORE actively contributing to your health, here are just a few of the incredible effects: 
  • Fight Aging by Neutralizing Free Radicals with Antioxidants
  • Maintain a Healthy Heart
  • ​Promotes Normalized Blood Pressure
  • Supports Healthy Weight and Low Body Fat
  • ​Boosts Focus and Concentration
  • ​Feel Abundant Energy Throughout the Day
  • ​Fights Inflammation in Your Body for Healthy Joints, Heart and Brain
  • Boosts the Absorption of Food and Supplements
  • ​Helps to Protect You from Cellular Disease
I could go on… these ingredients are truly the best of the best for making a firm foundation of health.
So now the big question…how much?
Have You Heard What Our Customers Are Saying?

Disclaimer: Real Customers With Stock Photos for Privacy

The Difference Was Like Night and Day

I used to be tired day in and day out. I tried exercise, eating less junk food, and all of the other tips and tricks, with no luck. Little did I know that it was a deficiency this whole time! After taking CORE for only three days, I feel better than ever. ~Linda J. Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Couldn’t Believe It

My blood pressure was through the roof and I could not figure out what to do. Managing stress was basically impossible because of my working conditions, and I had already tried cleaning up my diet. But as soon as I started taking CORE, my doctor was SHOCKED at how quickly and drastically my blood pressure improved. He thought I had sold my soul to the devil to get these kinds of results! Turns out, you don’t have to… You just need CORE.  ~Duane M Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky

I Used to Get Sick Almost Every Other Month. But Not Anymore

No matter how much I washed my hands or kept myself clean, I couldn’t seem to stop getting sick! I kept running out of days off at work and eventually just had to work while deathly ill. Headaches, a stuffed nose, fevers… But CORE changed everything. Even when I’m around others who are contagious, I no longer get sick nearly as much as I did before. This is incredible. ~Michelle M Brea, Kentucky

I Will Take CORE for The Rest of My Life

You just can’t imagine how it feels to no longer be deficient, until you’re there. It’s like I was asleep for most of my life until I’d had my vitamin D3 and magnesium. This is all thanks to Pharm Origins and CORE. 
~Paul M Newark, New Jersey

Focused Like Never Before

Ever since I started CORE, not only do I have the energy to get more done at work, but I don’t get distracted as easily as I did before. I am able to hold attention on a task until it is totally done. No idea how I was surviving before CORE. ~Thomas A Pensacola, Florida

Nothing Else Like It on the Market

I’ve tried a million different “cure-all” supplements; nothing had results like CORE. All the other supplements I already take seem to work even better since I started. 
~Tim J San Diego, California 

Over 331 Third Party Reviews and Counting...


FaceBook Loves CORE!

Finally… TODAY it is TOTALLY FREE!
Yes, you read that correctly.
We believe it is URGENT that we as a human species quell the deficiencies that are plaguing almost each and every one of us on a daily basis.
That’s why, when you claim your CORE today, you ONLY pay shipping and handling.
America desperately needs to wake up to the reality of our health as a population.
Plus, we already have thousands of loyal fans around the world who could use this, too. Adding CORE will increase the effectiveness of the Pharm Origins formulations they already rely on daily.
We are trying to get CORE into as many hands as possible, for the sake of our country and for the sake of our health.
100% FREE!!!
You Just Cover a Small Shipping FEE...
This Offer May Expire At Any Moment
No, I haven’t Lost My Mind…
I promise, I have not gone crazy, there is a method to this madness.

Point blank, Pharm Origins is the most innovative nutraceutical creator in the world.

We are deploying strategies that NO ONE is the world is doing, including ON DEMAND manufacturing.

You order and we make it FRESH, no stock sitting around expiring or becoming less potent.

Plus we do it all by hand, right in our Atlanta, GA facility, no outsourcing. 

Here is a brief video EXPLAINING our differences...
The bottom line is, we have created some very unique and powerful health boosting formulas.

Most of them have become world leaders in innovations and PROPRIETARY just to us. 

And once you TRY and LOVE Core… you will love all of our other offerings.

So basically, we are bribing you with CORE because we know you will LOVE the rest of Pharm Origins.

And we ALSO know that if we can solve your nutrient deficiencies, all of our other offerings will work that much better.
You Just Cover Shipping... No Auto Shipments Required
But Supply is VERY Limited!
I’m sure you’ve been waiting for the catch, right? Well, here it is…
We can only keep CORE free for so long.
We want to get as many of these FREE units out as we can and get it into as many new hands as possible.
But as I’m sure you know, it’s impossible to keep something like this free forever.
We will run out of ingredients eventually, and don’t forget that we are actively losing money the more that this free CORE gets claimed.
But we will push on and get CORE spread out across the world, quelling deficiencies like no other formulation, for as long as we can.
Hundreds are reading this page at the same time as you… dozens have already clicked to the next page to claim theirs.
Click any of the big buttons to claim your free CORE today to fight disease and save hundreds of dollars.

Due to Depleting Inventory This Page Will Reset In:

100% FREE!!!
You Just Cover Shipping...No Auto Shipments Required
This Offer May Expire At Any Moment
Think of the Money You Will Save…
Firstly, YOU NEED never have to buy store bought vitamins EVER AGAIN.

Secondly, outside of this page, CORE retails for over $40 per 30 day container.
This is because of the incredible strong ingredients, backed up by clinical science, and the amount of quality assurance we do on every container that’s made.
Make no mistake… every American NEEDS what CORE has to offer.
So here are your options…
You can leave this page without claiming your free CORE, which means you’ll either have to pay thousands in medical bills on the diseases that have built up, or you’ll come back to our website in a few weeks to find that CORE costs so much more.
You can CLAIM your free container, RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW, for only the cost of shipping.
Like I said before, we can’t keep doing this offer forever.
This is a crucial decision you’ll be making to fortify your health and bring up your defenses against the world’s harshest diseases.
Don’t Spend Another Minute Deficient
The longer you wait to take action, the less prepared you will be when disease hits…
It’s sad, but we must face reality; over 90% of Americans are at risk.
We are doing our best to get CORE into as many hands as possible because we understand how dire of a situation this is.
Cancerous formations, heart disease, and even the flu take hundreds of thousands of lives every year.
And the reality is, you are likely a sitting duck.
Take action now… Claim your FREE CORE to prepare your body from any attack and save hundreds of dollars in the process.

Due to Depleting Inventory This Page Will Reset In:

You Just Cover Shipping... No Auto Shipments Required
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Individual results may vary depending on your diet, health and physical condition. Results shown are not typical and you may not get the same benefits. However, by taking the supplement and living a healthy lifestyle with proper diet and moderate exercise, you give yourself the best chance at staying healthy and fighting off premature aging and other illnesses.

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Testimonial Disclaimer: Individual results may vary depending on your diet, health and physical condition. Results shown are not typical and you may not get the same benefits. However, by taking the supplement and living a healthy lifestyle with proper diet and moderate exercise, you give yourself the best chance at staying healthy and fighting off premature aging and other illnesses.